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1-on-1 Launch & Training Call

What is the launch call?

The launch call allows you to book a videoconferencing call with a Esesito expert. You can book an available time-slot in advance based on your schedule and take part in an engaging discussion with a Esesito expert.

Why is this valuable?

  • Learn all about your subscription with a Esesito expert
  • Get assistance in redeeming all of your Pro features and other unused perks
  • Take control of your business’ online presence by learning all the essentials you need to know
  • Gain answers to any questions you may have regarding your online presence and website
  • Create a roadmap on what you’d like to get done with your business and what you’re aiming to achieve, courtesy of a Esesito expert

The launch call can be booked on your onboarding questionnaire or through your Business Hub.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to speak to our team on Live Chat.

Need a hand?
If you need any further assistance, please message our support team or get real-time help on our Live Chat!

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Updated on 21 October 2023