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How to update my products on Facebook/Instagram through my site

So you’ve added all of your products for sale on your professional business website, and you’re wondering – what’s the next step?

Chances are that you have active social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, as having a strong social media presence is key for boosting your business growth. It could become exhausting to constantly update your website, Facebook, and Instagram each time there is any change in the status of your products.

For that very reason, we’ve provided a way for you to automatically integrate the products from your site to your social media listings.

To get started, log into your Business Hub and click on Edit Website (this will take you to your website editor). 

Next, click Settings.

Once in settings, click on Shopping Cart.

After clicking on Shopping Cart, select Product Sync.

In this section, click on the hyperlink button for Product Feed. Here’s what it looks like:

Open this link in your web browser, and you’ll be prompted to download a file. This file is required to sync your products with Facebook and Instagram.

Once you have this file ready to go, simply follow these steps provided by Facebook to start syncing the products on your site to your Facebook page. Make sure you re-do this entire process whenever you update the products on your site!

To ensure that you’re making full use of the Product Sync function, take a look at this post from the Esesito Blog that gives you all the guidance that you need.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by sending us a message here. We’re always happy to help.

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Updated on 21 October 2023