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Custom Code: Adding Typeform to your Esesito Site

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You can integrate surveys from Typeform as a straightforward method to get detailed custom information about visitors. These can be used to collect emails or additional requests from your customers. Furthermore, Typeform allows you to show their forms with different approaches, from an automatic modal when your visitors arrive to your website, to a slide pane with a button for launching the Typeform.

Let’s learn how to enable this widget using Esesito Custom Code feature.

Adding the Typeform Widget #

Use Cases #

Typeform works great for the following use cases:

  • You want to make questions to my visitors;
  • You want to know if your clients are satisfied with your services/products;
  • You want to ask your customers for an email;
  • You want an opinion from your customers;
  • Your want to show a detailed form for your customers to contact you.

Requirements #

To configure the Typeform widget on your Esesito website, you will need a Typeform account. 

With your Typeform account, after you create a form, you can get the widget code from the form Share page. You can test the different embed options until you get the option best suited for your website.

The code looks like this:

<button data-tf-slider="h8sUasoWtz" data-tf-width="550" data-tf-iframe-props="title=Esesito Test" data-tf-medium="snippet" data-tf-hidden="" style="all:unset;font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;display:inline-block;max-width:100%;white-space:nowrap;overflow:hidden;text-overflow:ellipsis;background-color:#0445AF;color:#FFFFFF;font-size:20px;border-radius:25px;padding:0 33px;font-weight:bold;height:50px;cursor:pointer;line-height:50px;text-align:center;margin:0;text-decoration:none;">Launch me</button><script src="//"></script>


Instructions #

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Typeform code working:

  1. Log in and open the Esesito Editor
  2. Click on the Settings section and then scroll down to the Custom Code area
  3. Place the code from Freshdesk in the Footer section
    • By default, some widgets appear on the bottom right corner of your website. Enable the Prevent Content Overlap on Mobile toggle to remove Esesito default widget.
  4. Click Save

That’s it! Open your website and you will see Typeform’s widget! 

Here’s how the Slider, auto-loading when the visitors arrive, will look like.

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Updated on 21 October 2023