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How to customise the branding on your website

 Please, note that: You will receive the notifications on the email address and mobile number that you used to register your Esesito account.

We have recently added the ability to edit branding information on your websites. This enables you to showcase your custom branding on your website. You can customise this section to present your affiliates or showcase multiple websites belonging to the same entity.

This information is accessible from the footer of the website on all pages. You can now customise and replace it with your custom tagline or logo. You can show or hide the “Powered by Esesito” branding from your websites. Simply follow the steps below to see how.

Step 1: Log into your Editor #

Log into your account, and access your website editor here.

Step 2:  Head to Footer #

Click on Sections, then scroll down to Footer.

Step 3:  Edit the Footer Branding Options #

Within the Footer section, you can:

  • Toggle on/off the credits in the footer.
  • Edit the tagline – The default tagline is currently “Powered by Esesito”, but you can replace this with anything you want. 
  • Change the Esesito Logo to a different logo or remove it altogether. 

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Updated on 21 October 2023