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How to cancel the sending of an email

We’ve all accidentally sent an email too early, maybe without a specific attachment or sent to a wrong email address. The accidental sending of sensitive data to the wrong recipient is one of the most common causes of violation of corporate or private data. An email is not like a comment on a website or a post on a social network. 

It is not possible to go back and delete an email that has already been sent. The copy is on someone else’s mail server, completely out of your control. Luckily, with your professional Esesitomail account, there’s an easy way to stop someone from receiving an email even after you hit ‘Send’. 

To increase user experience and avoid possible conflict, we’ve added the ability to cancel an outgoing email to our SMTPs in the 5 seconds after its sent. This safeguard the users on our platform from potentially unpleasant situations.

For guidance cancelling an email from your professional Esesitomail account, watch the video below or read on:

Here’s how to get started. 

Once you’ve hit Send on an email, a Send message in progress message will appear on your screen: 

Make sure to hit the Cancel button within the first 5 seconds after sending your email, and it will be cancelled instantly.

Sending message successfully cancelled box will appear to confirm your email cancellation. 

That’s it! 

Finally, you may now edit the email you were about to send, or discard it altogether. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch by sending us a message here. We’re always happy to help.

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Updated on 21 October 2023