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How to edit your website header

Your website header is first thing customers see when they land on your site, so we encourage you to edit it and make sure it’s up to scratch. Remember, first impressions count!

The header can be used to display information like your business name, business logo, cover image, and telephone and WhatsApp contact number. You can also include a Send a message button to make it easier for customers to contact you and/or your team in seconds. 

To edit your website header, just login to your Hub and access your website editor here. 

From the editor menu, click on Sections and then select Header (the first section on the list).  Here’s a visual guide for you: 

Use this section to make any desired changes to your website header. 


Editing your business name

Making changes to your Business name couldn’t be easier. Simply use the text box provided, and follow these steps:

When you’re finished with your edits, hit Save to save your changes.

Adding titles and subtitles

Use the area under Business Name to add a new title to your website header. You may also include a greeting or company motto using the subtitle. 

Please note: Changing your title/subtitle will not affect your registered business name.

Editing your contact number

To edit or even hide your business’s mobile/office phone number, just scroll past the Send a message section.

You’ll see the following options: 

Now, edit your contact number using the boxes provided. The relevant country codes will already be added for you. 

Finally, tick or un-tick the relevant boxes to display your Phone/Whatsapp number on your site. If you decide to show it, your phone number will be displayed in this way:

Well done! Your website header will be updated immediately.

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Updated on 21 October 2023