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How To Edit The Promotion Section On Your Website

Promotions are a great way to reel in new customers and provide them with an easy way to test out your services/products. That’s why we’ve made editing your promotions super simple, so you can update your offers whenever you like. 

To add/edit a promotion, please watch our easy video explanation below, or read on for further instructions:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to edit a promotion:

Step 1: Head to Promotions

Step 2: Edit Promotion Title and Description

Step 3: Save your changes

Step 1: Head to Promotions #

Head to Edit Website, hit Sections then click on Promotion.

Step 2: Edit Promotion Title and Description #

Use this section to edit your business’s promotion details. Make sure you turn on the feature by clicking on the button next to Promotions. You can now edit your Promotion Title and Promotion Description. Changes will be shown in your front page!

Please note: You can add up to a maximum of 25 characters for Promotion Title and 200 characters for Promotion Description.

Step 3: Save your changes #

To finish and save your changes, hit Save. Now, get ready for a sea of new customers! 

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Updated on 21 October 2023