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How to write the perfect support ticket

Writing a clear and detailed support ticket speeds up the resolution process. It saves us a lot of time in going back and forth and as a result, we can help you be on your way to reaching your goals. 

Keep it cool

Before creating the ticket, make sure that you know what the issues are. Having the correct information about the problems you’re facing will help you to create the ticket which describes the issue accurately for us to work on them.  

Make the subject line go straight to the point

The subject line is the most important part of your support ticket because it tells us what your concern is right away.

Here are two subject lines. Which one do you think is the best?

  1. Need help NOW!!!
  2. Need help! I see the wrong prices on my products

That’s right, option 2 is the best as it will enable our support crew to check your page and resolve it as soon as they open up your support request.

Give a full description of your problem

The more details in your support ticket, the better we can help.

Here’s what a detailed and honest description should include:

  • Brief introduction of yourself and your plan – It really helps to know who we’re dealing with. Be sure to include your full name and email address that’s connected to your account. 
  • Your end goal – What did you want to accomplish before the issue happened? An example would be, “I was about to [end goal] when [problem]…”
  • Technical details – Basic details include the web address or URL where the error occurred, the device you used, and your operating system and browser version.
  • Has the issue happened before? If so, how many times has it happened? When was the first time it happened?
  • Have you tried to fix the issue? If you attempted to troubleshoot the problem, what steps did you take? Did you try on a different computer or mobile to see if it works? What was the result? 

Add a screenshot or screen recording

To substantiate your description, a screenshot or a screen recording showing the issue is of great value. Visuals can speak louder than words.

Additional tips & tricks

It’s OK to reach out after 24 hours

Know that we’re always doing our best to ensure timely responses. The last thing we want is to keep you waiting.

However, there are certain instances where we handle a very high ticket volume, which explains why we might not be able to tackle your request in 24 hours. If this is the case, please do check your ticket status.

Don’t create more than 1 ticket for the same issue

Duplicates will only delay the process. Instead, check your ticket status. 

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Updated on 17 October 2023