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How to add or remove images on your Gallery

The Gallery section is an awesome part of your website made for showcasing your work and sharing images with your customers. 

This section can be used to present your shop front, products/services, or even share some ‘before and after’ photos with the world. Customise this space however you want – make it completely yours! 

To add or remove images, please watch our easy video explanation below, or read on for further instructions.

Adding or Removing images on your Gallery

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add or remove images on your gallery:

Step 1: Log into your editor

Step 2: Head to Gallery

Step 3: Upload Images 

Step 4: Remove Images

Step 5: Save your work

Step 1: Log into your editor #

Log into your Business Hub and click on Edit Website (this will take you to your website editor).

Step 2: Head to Gallery #

Head to Sections and select Gallery

Step 3: Upload Images  #

Now, select the Upload option to upload a new image and a small Media Library window will pop up. Please note that you may upload images directly from your own device, an external URL or the video library. Once you select your desired images, click Add to gallery.

Step 4: Remove Images #


To remove an image, just click on the image in question and select the option Remove selected images.


Step 5: Save your work #

To finish and save your changes, hit the “Save” button. That’s it, your images should now be updated! 

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Updated on 21 October 2023