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How to connect email accounts to my Esesito domain

Suppose you already have a third-party email provider, like Google or Microsoft, configured in your domain. In that case, the settings will be migrated when you connect the domain with your Esesito account. 

However, there are scenarios where the DNS settings are not correctly connected with your new Esesito account. The instructions below cover these cases and they also apply if you are setting up your email outside of Esesito,

Changing DNS Settings #

Before focusing on the email DNS records, please read the information about managing your domain’s DNS settings on your Esesito Business Hub.

Email DNS Configuration #

Different email service providers will give you different DNS configurations. These are used to verify your domain and to handle the email system. 

In essence, you will have to add multiple DNS records of types CNAME, MX and TXT, with different properties. 

  1. Open the DNS settings for the domain you are managing
  2. Click + Add button on the top right corner
  3. Fill in the details for the record attributes
  4. Click Save

Repeat these steps for all records to be configured. 

Configuration for Email Providers #

Your email provider will provide you with the relevant DNS records. Here are the instructions to the most prominent email providers:

 Please, note that: You will receive the notifications on the email address and mobile number that you used to register your Esesito account.

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Updated on 21 October 2023