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How to enable the WhatsApp contact button on your site

Your customers can now WhatsApp you straight from your site!

This means that you can now reach your customers where they spend most of their time (and where very few of your competitors are reaching them). In other words, it’s a high-value, low-competition way to get more customers!

To enable your Whatsapp contact button on your site, just watch our easy video explanation below or read on for further instructions:

Enabling your WhatsApp Button

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enable your Whatsapp Buttons:

Step 1: Log into your Editor

Step 2: Go to Header

Step 3: Show your WhatsApp Number

Step 1: Log into your Editor #

Log into your Hub and click on Edit Website (this will take you to your website editor).

Step 2: Go to Header #

Go to Sections, then select Header.

Step 3: Show your WhatsApp Number  #

Scroll down to the ‘Show WhatsApp number’ and a WhatsApp icon will show on the top right of your page. 

Hit Save and all your changes will be applied. Your customers will be now able to get in touch with you via WhatsApp!

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Updated on 21 October 2023